Why Paraguay?... Your New Life Awaits

Paraguay as “A Nation of Friends”

Paraguay is often referred to as a "Nation of Friends," which takes on two meanings: a) with friends, you can achieve anything, and b) without friends you won't get anything done. It's a quasi-cynical saying that everyone accepts as the truth. In reality, it brings about mixed benefits to the country, and its people.

A Brief Intro to Paraguayan Football with Ralph Hannah

Joel is joined by Ralph Hannah of the Paraguay Football Blog at a match to talk about the teams, league history, and the atmosphere of a Paraguayan football match.

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Descubrir Magazine Feature

Expat-focused feature to be in the upcoming issue of Descubrir Paraguay, a magazine for foreigners and Paraguayans abroad looking at relocating to or visiting Paraguay. We asked many expats currently in Paraguay to answer the question, "Why Paraguay?" and these were some of their answers.

Mission Accomplished: Paraguay Residency Application Submitted

The hard work portion of the journey is over. Kate reflects on the intensive process to obtain permanent residency in Paraguay, and the relief that ensues upon its completion.

Earn Income Internationally, Spend and Live Locally

his is a plea to future expats to secure income from abroad before entering Paraguay. For multiple reasons, this is a better scenario for everyone involved. New rule to live by: Make dollars, spend guarani.

Beyond 'Hola': The Art of Being Likeable in Paraguay

In Paraguay it is considered rude not to greet someone you see in residential neighbourhoods. By greeting others on a regular basis, you can make new friends, and improve your language skills significantly. Adopting these day-to-day habits of interaction will make your life easier here.

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5 Nutrition Tips For Eating Healthy in Paraguay

araguay boasts many delicious foods for your enjoyment. However, staying on track with your nutrition can be difficult without taking precautions. Here are some tips for eating healthy in Paraguay,

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What a Cartes Presidency Tells the World

By electing business magnate Horatio Cartes, Paraguay sends a message of being open for business. Backed by a rich history of commercial success, can this political newcomer turn this country around towards prosperity?